About Brett and Katie:

We are from a tiny town called Hesperia, about 20 miles East of Lake Michigan, in Michigan's Southern Peninsula. We were introduced to beekeeping in the spring of 2012, and instantly fell in love. Ever since, we have been crafting a lifestyle that surrounds our bees and our attention to ecological concerns. The mindset we take into beekeeping is prioritized with sustainability at the forefront and our ultimate goal is to spread the news of this way of life to others in our area so that we can maintain a bee population strong enough to endure the hardships so prevalent across the country. Our way is definitely not the only way, and we are in no way trying to portray ourselves as experts, just curious beekeepers with information enough to share. When it becomes possible, surplus honey and natural products will be available for purchase, but for now, enjoy the pictures, videos, reference materials and rants.